Full size cable

Our full size cable is a 5 tower Pentasi system which is 565 meters long, with 7 carriers allowing up to 7 participants to ride at one time.

The speed of the cable is usually 30km/h, but can be adjusted from 0-58km/h

Carriers become available very frequently with riders falling and there are lap limits imposed during busy periods. The full size cable can accommodate large numbers of people throughout the day.

The lake has plenty of fun obstacles for beginners, advanced and professional riders to hit.


  • Small kicker left side
  • Big kicker left side
  • Big kicker right side
  • Flat box 20 m
  • Funbox/A Frame
  • Rooftop 20 m
  • Incline 3D

Beginner cable – system 2.0

Even advanced and professional riders can enjoy our 2 tower cable. For them, there are 2 obstacles that will keep their skills progressing.


  • Small kicker right side
  • Flat rail