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Safety Instructions

  • Use the cable at your own risk

  • Always follow the instructions of the staff

  • You must be able to swim and always wear a life jacket

  • If you fall, immediately leave the cable area and swim to the nearest shore

  • Remove your board\skies, keeping them in front of you, swim to the nearest exit

  • Always be aware of emphty ropes and other riders coming behind

  • Avoid approacing handles by diving under water

  • Keep enough distance when passign fallen riders and obstacles to avoid collision

  • Keep the hadle in your hads! Never between your legs!

  • If the cable stops, waterstarts are not permitted when restarting the cableway

  • Use ramps and obstacles at your own risk. Experienced riders only. Ask staff or operator before use!

  • For using ramps and obstacles you must use your own equipment and always wear a helmet


  1. Sit down at he edge of the starting bech and hold the handle low at your waist.
    Bend your knees and slightly lift the front edge of your wakeboard above water.
    Place all you bodyweight on your back foot.

  2. As the rope starts to pull, try to keep your position and let the rope tow you onto the water.
    Keep your balance centered and your weight still on your back foot.

  3. Once you ride, keep your arms extended and put more weight on your front foot. Keep knees slightly bent and your back straight to maintain balance.

Wakeboard Pécs


  1. Start in a crouched position and hold your arm straight. Wait for the start keeping this position.

  2. Let the rope tow you onto the water while keeping this position.

  3. When your are on water, stand up and try to keep your balance. Always keep your arms extended.

Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs


At each corner you have to pass the orange buoy from the right side.

Watch your carrier to prepare for the turn. Always try to keep your rope tight while turning.

After passing the orange buoy try to turn into the direction of the cable.

Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs


To exit the cableway, just pass trough between the two white buoys.

Let go of the rope at the yellow buoy.

Take your wakeboard\skies off and swim to the exit at the right side.

Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs
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