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Our Wakestation features are made to the highest quality available today, without metal parts. Their super-slip surface is free of screws, guaranteeing a safe, smooth ride that is gentle on the bottom of the board.



Our full size cable is a Pentasi 5-mast cable, which allows 6 people to be towed at the same time over 565 metres.

From beginners to professionals, there are 8 obstacles on the water to suit all abilities.


Speed is generally 30 km/h which is best suited for wakeboarding but can be varied between 0 and 58 km/h with decimal precision.


The little brother of the five-mast cable, perfect for beginners to quickly learn the basics, advanced and pros to perfect their tricks.


The 2.0 cable can be used by one person at a time, allowing the instructor to focus all his attention on the student, guaranteeing rapid progress. 

Our 2.0 cable is a fully automated Wakestation type system with a length of 185 meters.

Wakeboard Pécs
Kis kicker 2 pc.
Wakeboard Pécs
Nagy kicker 2 pc.
Wakeboard Pécs
Flat box 20 m
Wakeboard Pécs
Funbox/A Frame
Wakeboard Pécs
Wakeboard Pécs
Rooftop 20 m
Incline 3D
Wakeboard Pécs
Flat rail


Have an unforgettable experience!

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